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Operation Christmas Child

Sherri McGhee


Operation Christmas Child

Below is the time line of our OCC mission project.  We have also listed the Sunday School classes and the items they are collecting. If you have any questions contact Sherri at

Present-September 11, 2022: Collection boxes are sitting in the Fellowship Hall and Family Life Center.  You can also drop items off in the Children’s Building room 13 (moved from room 11). Each Sunday School Class has been asked to help collect specific items. We are planning on filling 2,000 boxes this year. All donations need to be turned in by September 11.  If you do not attend a SS class yet we still need the following items:
SOAP (4000 travel size bars)
ZIP LOCK BAGS (2,000 gallon size)

August 28, 2022: We want to include a picture in each box of a family that attends our church. We will add our church name and church contact information to the back of each picture. Hopefully we will hear back from some of the youth that get our boxes. Email your picture to by August 28. 

September 11, 2022: All Sunday School donations are due so we know what is still needed to fill all our boxes. 

October 23, 2022: Folding Fellowship will be Sunday 10/23 following evening services. Each family is asked to bring finger foods so we can snack while we work. 

October 24-November 1: Organizing items for packing party in the FLC the week of October 24-Nov 1

November 2, 2022: OCC Packing Party will be Wed  November 2. We will allow all the children to help pack all the boxes from 6:20-7:30pm. 

November 16, 2022: Deliver OCC Boxes to Cabot November 16 at 5pm. Any child that is in school is allowed to go with us on the church van to deliver the boxes. 



Andrew Hines- 500 washcloths

David Griffin- 500 washcloths

Runyon Class- Socks (age 10-14 for boys and girls)

Robert Skinner- Socks (age 10-14 for boys and girls)

Vicki Miller Class- Socks (age 10-14 for boys and girls

Youth SS classes- Spiral notebooks 

Casey Longing- Water bottles

David Doyle Class-fidget spinners (850 of 1000 turned in)

Deanna Lovelady Class- 500 combs

Wes Barnes Class- 500 combs


Already donated:

David Land Class- water bottles money turned in!

Brian Johnson Class- 1000 backpacks...turned in!

Michael Ray Class- 1000 washcloths....turned in!

Brian Haller class-1000 backpacks....turned in!

Scott Presley Class-10,000 pencils...turned in!


Still needed as of 06/15/22:

Travel size soap (4000 bars)

Headbands for girls

Tooth brushes

Gallon size Ziploc bags


If you have any questions feel free to contact Sherri McGhee at or text her at 501-650-3661. 



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